Stefan Gaftoniuc The uniqueness of everyone results from the blending of abilities and own preferences. I, for example, enjoy strategic games, like chess. It has been reproached that I live in a world of my own, but I have the ability of understanding my own way of being and I use this thing to plan and guide my life as I see fit.

I don’t like to talk much, but when I do, I can express myself very well verbally. Since I was a child, I liked to choose my company, to socialize with whom deserved it. If the fellow play mates weren’t to my liking, I’d prefer to keep myself in reserve and in an apparent well-behavior, for which I was always praised, both in kindergarten and in school. At home, on the other hand, I was unfolding, feeling at ease with those close to me, my family. That is my grandfather, grandmother and aunt, giving them enough trouble. Until going to school, I stayed with them much of the time, my parents being gone to work. My grandfather and I were inseparable, ever since I took my first steps. He was taking me in the car, shopping, for walks in the park and when working in the garden. Maybe that’s why I enjoy strolling outside, working with my hands, building and assembling things.

I like to read, love traveling, to see new things or of which others told me. My aunt Antoaneta and her husband Mihai were on their honeymoon in Barcelona. They told and showed me their pictures. The next year I also went there, stayed longer and saw more things than they did! Unfortunately, I don’t?have photos, but good memories and believe me, a good memory. For visiting Paris, I prepared myself with an appropriate photo camera and I needed it, because I was in the “City of lights? impressing through its buildings?architecture and beauty of parks?I liked the city; I wished we’d live there (me and my family), but we won’t relocate, I can assure you!


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